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Top Five Coffee Shops in Midtown Atlanta Near Georgia Tech

By Annabelle

Whether you’re looking for a fresh study environment, a cozy coffee spot to enjoy with friends post-class or a pick-me-up during the afternoon, the Midtown area offers a multitude of unique coffee shops and cafes to try.

When you live off-campus, your options of coffee shops are endless. To help you find your next favorite spot, we’ve compiled this list of student-approved favorites near the Georgia Tech campus.

5 Best Coffee Shops for Students in Midtown Atlanta near Georgia Tech

Rambler Atlanta coffee shop, off-campus housing near Georgia Tech in Midtown Atlanta.

At Rambler Atlanta, residents will have access to an on-site coffee shop, Daydreamer, serving hand-crafted coffee, teas and fresh pastries.

1. Bloom Coffee Company

Bloom coffee shop in Midtown Atlanta is near Georgia Tech's campus and Rambler Atlanta

Bloom Coffee Company is just a short drive from campus with unique latte flavors and delicious pastries. Image courtesy of Bloom Coffee Company.

Address: 2025 Peachtree Rd NW

Distance from Campus: 11-minute drive

Bloom Coffee Company is a specialty coffee shop featuring Coastal Georgia coffee. With espresso signature drinks like their iconic Sea Salt Maple Latte, S’mores Latte and Island Mochas, as well as non-coffee offerings like matcha and herbal teas, this location is sure to have some of the most unique drink options near Georgia Tech. Bloom Coffee Company also offers a selection of pastries from renowned bakeries such as Five Daughters Bakery and Alon’s Bakery. Kick back and relax in this Instagram-worthy space filled with natural light and a minimalist aesthetic, perfect for your next coffee-house photoshoot.

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2. San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company

San Francisco Coffee Roasters Atlanta coffee shop interior near Georgia Tech's campus and Rambler Atlanta.

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company has a cozy and warm vibe with unique coffees to offer. Image courtesy of San Franciso Coffee Roasting Company. 

Address: 1192 North Highland Avenue NE

Distance from Campus: 10-minute drive

Infused with the ambiance of community-centric coffeehouses in San Francisco, the San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company brings the vibrant spirit of Bay Area coffee culture to Atlanta. With specialty drinks like the Mulled Americano, Winter Spiced Latte and Hot Buttered Latte, the warm and inviting ambience of the shop makes it a top spot for your next big study session or work from home day.

3. Apotheos

Apotheos Midtown near Georgia Tech's campus and Rambler Atlanta

Apotheos is just off of Tech Square. Image courtesy of Midtown Atlanta.

Address: 740 W Peachtree St NW

Distance from Campus: 2-minute walk

Apotheos Roastery, a family-owned coffee haven, boasts an ethically sourced 100% Arabica coffee experience with a unique roasting philosophy refined over decades. With a state-of-the-art Diedrich CR35 Semi-Automatic Roaster, Apotheos Roastery ensures a balanced roast, embodying its commitment to quality, consistency and a shared experience of a nice cup of coffee.

4. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

Land of a Thousand Hills coffee shop in Midtown Atlanta near Rambler Atlanta

Land of a Thousand Hills is off of Peachtree St NE near the Fox Theatre and Rambler. Image courtesy of Crescent Communities.

Address: 715 Peachtree St NE 

Distance from Campus: 7-minute walk

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee is creating delicious coffee while making an impact with them  on a global scale. Every purchase of their beautifully crafted beverages supports their efforts to create sustainable farming communities in Rwanda, where their specialty coffee beans are grown. Outside of their mission, this shop features delicious craft coffee and a relaxing energy for your next coffee run.

5. Little Tart Bakeshop

Little Tart Bakeshop in Midtown Atlanta near Rambler Atlanta

Little Tart Bakeshop is just under a ten-minute drive from Rambler and Georgia Tech’s campus. Image courtesy of Little Tart ATL.

Address: 99 Krog St NE

Distance from Campus: 9-minute drive

Founded in 2010, Little Tart Bakeshop has become a staple in Atlanta’s culinary scene, starting at farmers’ markets and expanding to brick-and-mortar locations such as the Jane in Grant Park and Krog Street Market. Committed to using local, quality ingredients, Little Tart is a hub of passionate bakers and baristas dedicated to serving delicious, thoughtfully-produced pastries and coffee. Enjoy some of Atlanta’s best pastries with a side of specialty coffee drinks.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas for your next coffee run.

If you have any more questions about the Midtown lifestyle or would like to learn more about living off campus, feel free to contact the Rambler Atlanta leasing staff! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!


Annabelle is one of Rambler's Marketing Interns; she is a Business major at Georgia Tech with a love for all things creative. Her go-to Daydreamer order is an iced lavender matcha.

April 02, 2024

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