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Everything You Need to Know About Block Housing at Rambler

By Taylor

Are you looking to live with a large group of friends or sorority sisters? Leasing a block of units at Rambler might be a great option for you.

At Rambler Atlanta, our unique advantage as a new building allows us to offer blocks of units, which means that it’s easy for you and your friends to lease apartments all together!

Sound like something you’re interested in? In this article, we will answer common questions including:

Block Housing at Rambler

Georgia Tech students spending time together near campus

What is block housing?

Block housing simply means leasing a block (or group) or units at an apartment complex, typically next to each other or on the same floor. It is designed to accommodate large groups who want to live with or near each other.

For example, if you and a group of 15 other people wanted to live close to each other, you could all lease a block at Rambler! You would be split up into different units, but have neighboring units, or units on the same floor.

Who leases blocks of housing?

Anyone can secure a housing block! Groups we’ve seen include pledge classes, sorority sisters or fraternity brothers, sports teams, or people involved in the same orgs.

What are the benefits of block housing?

friends at a dance party

1. Live with your best friends without sacrificing personal space

Block housing offers you the chance to live near all of your closest friends without giving up personal space. You’ll have your small group of roommates, plus all of your favorite people will be right next door or down the hall. You’ll still have the comfort of your own bedroom and bathroom, and you’ll only share living and kitchen areas with your roommates, not the entire group.

2. Variety of gathering spaces

Rambler’s block housing also provides the perfect communal spaces for group meetings, study sessions or pre-games before events or football games! You will also have access to all of Rambler’s amenities right outside your doorstep, meaning you won’t have to worry about traveling back and forth from your friends’ pool or gym– you will all share the same one!

3. Promote community

Block housing also offers a unique advantage to Greek life members who aren’t living in their chapter’s house but still crave a similar environment. Whether you didn’t get a spot in the house, you prefer a smaller group of roommates, or if your house is under construction, by leasing a block at Rambler with your friends, you can recreate the essence of Greek living with the perks of a new apartment!

How do I secure a block at Rambler?

Georgia Tech students hanging out near campus

Now that you’ve learned all about block housing, it’s time to put your knowledge into action! To start the process of securing a block at Rambler, simply book a tour at our leasing office.

During your tour, our leasing staff will discuss your group’s needs and options. From there, a decision can be made about securing your block.

If you’re interested in securing a block for your group, come by soon! Blocks become more limited as more units lease up.

We hope that this article gives you an understanding of block housing at Rambler and why it might be a great option for you and your friends! If you have any questions or want to book a tour, please contact our leasing staff who are always ready to help you.


Taylor is the New Development Community Manager for Rambler Atlanta. She has 5+ years of experience in leasing and property management. In her free time, you'll find Taylor trying out a new restaurant or playing with her dog, Boujie.

April 03, 2024

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