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6 Ways to Cut Costs on Student Apartments near Georgia Tech

By Taylor

With Georgia Tech increasing undergraduate enrollment each year, it’s becoming harder and harder to secure on campus housing, especially as an upperclassmen. Because of this, many Georgia Tech students opt to live off campus. 

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While these fresh properties may have a heftier price tag compared to on-campus alternatives, it doesn’t mean that off-campus living can’t be budget-friendly. 

Here at Rambler Atlanta, our aim is to assist you in discovering an apartment that perfectly aligns with your requirements. To streamline your housing search, we’ve put together this article highlighting the top six strategies to cut costs on your dream off-campus student housing.

6 Strategies to Save Money on Student Apartments in Atlanta Midtown 

Georgia Tech students walking on campus

1. More Roommates, Less Rent

It’s no surprise that square footage costs in Atlanta are on the rise and the student living scene near Georgia Tech is no exception.

To cut down on your monthly rental expense, one strategy is to maximize the square footage efficiency of your apartment by sharing it with roommates. Having more roommates not only divides the square footage per person but also splits the rental rate per person. For instance, securing a lease for a 6×6 (six bedroom, six bathroom) unit often translates to a few hundred dollars less per month, per person compared to a 2×2 or 1×1.

See Rambler’s 6×6 floorplan options.

2. Share Your Bathroom 

Georgia Tech students on CULC rooftop

Similarly, opting for a space with shared bathrooms can significantly reduce your overall rental costs, similar to the impact of having more roommates. Student apartments near Georgia Tech might present 5×3, 4×2 and 2×1 floor plans at a more budget-friendly rate compared to their 5×5, 4×4 and 2×2 counterparts.

If you’re comfortable sharing a bathroom with one or two roommates, choosing shared space is a great way to lower both your price per square foot and overall rental rate.

3. Lease Early 

One of the simplest ways to lock in a more affordable rental rate is by signing your lease early.

Student apartments, particularly those in new developments, want to fill their units swiftly. To encourage early commitments, they often offer discounted rental rates when leasing opens up, which typically starts around 10 months before the anticipated move-in date for most student apartments.

As demand rises and apartments fill up, monthly prices tend to increase. Unless you’re banking on last-minute discounts, signing early is generally the ticket to securing the best rates for your apartment.

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4. Find Inclusive Rental Rates

Your choice of property can significantly impact your overall cost of living, depending on what is or isn’t included in your rental rate.

To maximize your value, seek out apartments that bundle extras like Wi-Fi, cable or floor plans featuring additional windows or balconies into the base rental rate. Some apartments even cover utilities in their base rates, leading to substantial long-term savings.

5. Choose a Less Popular Floorplan or Unit

Georgia Tech students on campus near Rambler Atlanta in Midtown Atlanta

Opting for a less popular unit is another strategy to cut costs at off-campus student apartments.

Less popular floor plans may have smaller rooms, units on lower levels or less desirable views of the city. Every property typically has units falling into these categories, making them a great option for those seeking a more budget-friendly rental rate.

Since these floor plans are often perceived as “less desirable,” their demand tends to be lower, resulting in lower occupancy. By choosing a less popular floor plan, you can anticipate encountering lower or discounted rental rates.

6. Consider Furniture Costs 

Personalizing and furnishing your apartment is a fantastic way to create a cozy home, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Beyond optional decor, essentials like a bed for your bedroom and a couch for your living room are necessities.

To trim down expenses, seek out a fully furnished student apartment. Besides the obvious benefit of having furniture included in your rental rate, opting for a furnished apartment can also save you money on storage units if you decide to study abroad, accept an out-of-town internship or sublease your apartment during the summer.

Most student housing properties near Georgia Tech’s campus recognize this need and offer fully furnished options. This is an important consideration when weighing the pros and cons of a traditional apartment versus a student apartment.

While off-campus living may seem costly, there are numerous ways to reduce your monthly rental rate. Before finalizing your decision on where to live, keep in mind that leveraging these discounts and strategies can make off-campus living more budget-friendly.

If you have any questions about off-campus living or would like to delve deeper into the offerings at Rambler Atlanta, feel free to contact our leasing team. We’re more than happy to assist you in your housing search!


Taylor is the New Development Community Manager for Rambler Atlanta. She has 5+ years of experience in leasing and property management. In her free time, you'll find Taylor trying out a new restaurant or playing with her dog, Boujie.

May 30, 2024

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